Families get our Wilton and Geyser/Milton Reports on the last Wednesday of the month. We mail over 10,000 (10,457 Nov ‘18). The Geyser/Milton Report is seasonal and may not be mailed every month. In that case The Wilton Report is mailed to over 7,000 homes.
The prices are as follows, we offer a 20% discount on Geyser ads that also run in the Wilton Report, this is included in the table.
Color is included for all ads, at no extra charge.

Ad SizeGeyser/Milton PriceWilton PriceBoth Reports
2 1/2 X 2 1/2"$65$75$ 127
2 1/2 X 5" (H, V)$125$150$ 250
5 X 5"$225$250$430
1/3 Page (10x4 1/2", 5x9")$350$395$675
Half Page (10x7")$485$575$963
4/5 Page (10x10")$685$799$1347
Full Page (10x14")$865$1050$1742
1x6" color Front Page(1 only)$175$197$337

We will accept other sizes, priced based on the closest modular size.

Here’s a rough outline of the coverage of the Wilton Report and the Geyser Milton Report